About Us

Our team at MMI Outdoor is privileged to be a manufacturer of choice for the United States military. From the first Catoma brand Individual Combat Shelters we designed and built for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, to our patented Enhanced Bed Nets, Pop-Up Bed Nets and other one-person and two-person combat shelters currently used by our soldiers, we are honored to create the products that make their jobs a little better, but we haven’t stopped there.

In 2007, we entered into a strategic partnership with Granite Gear to manufacture their line of tactical packs and accessories. The design team at Granite Gear is recognized as the best in the industry. From the Chief Patrol Pack with its patented frame system to the brand new Flat Bed pack system, along with a host of well-thought-out accessories, their approach to design is proven time and again.

We continue to expand our capability to develop cutting-edge specialty tactical products, from new technology in visual camouflage to thermal-sensor defeating personal gear and more. We are bringing you our best and enjoying every minute.

Thank you for placing your trust in MMI Outdoor, and thank you for making us your tactical partner.


David Cobb

President - MMI Outdoor