Frequently Asked Questions

MMI Outdoor Company Background

Our team at MMI Outdoor is privileged to be a manufacturer of choice for the United States Military. From the first Catoma brand Individual Combat Shelters we designed and built for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, to our patented Enhanced Bed Nets, Pop-Up Bed Nets and other one-person and two-person combat shelters currently used by our soldiers, we are honored to create the products that make their jobs a little better, but we haven’t stopped there.

In 2007, we entered into a strategic partnership with Granite Gear to manufacture their line of tactical packs and accessories. The design team at Granite Gear is recognized as the best in the industry. From the Chief Patrol Pack with its patented frame system to the brand new Flat Bed pack system, along with a host of well-thought-out accessories, their approach to design is proven time and again.

We continue to expand our capability to develop cutting-edge specialty tactical products, from new technology in visual camouflage to thermal-sensor defeating personal gear and more. We are bringing you our best and enjoying every minute.

Thank you for placing your trust in MMI Outdoor, and thank you for making us your tactical partner.

Where to Buy

Where can I find MMI Outdoor products? You can find our products at these fine retailers: The Supply Cache Inc. @, U.S. Calvary @, Home Emergency USA @ , Emergency Supplies USA @ , Rock Bottom @ , Shop 4 Camping Gear @ www.shop4campinggear.comRanger Joe's @ and Brigade Quarter Master @


Do sell directly to consumers? Yes, our retailers do not carry our whole catalog so we allow the consumers to buy tents direct from us.

Can I return or exchange a MMI Outdoor item directly through you if I bought it from another retailer? Yes, feel free to contact us if you have any problems with our products. Give us a call at 800-826-0446

Product Care
On the Trail: Food Storage: Never store food in your tent. Animals will often tear or bite their way into a tent to get your food.

Pole Care: When assembling the poles, never allow the pole sections to snap against each other. Always make sure that all pole sections are fully engaged before bending. Keep the poles clean and free of silt, sand and salt, taking special care with the aluminum tips, as they are not anodized and can corrode.

Field Repairs
If you break a tent pole, repair the break temporarily by splinting the pole with a short aluminum sleeve (called a repair sleeve, available at many outdoor gear retailers). The aluminum repair sleeve is fitted over the broken pole section and taped (or wedged) into place. In a pinch, ski pole repair sleeves, tent stakes and even branches can be used to splint broken tent tubes.

One of the keys to zipper longevity is to keep them free of sand and grit. When pitching your tent, be careful to keep the door and window zippers out of the dirt. Never step on the zipper. Keep zippers clean by washing them (at home) with a garden hose and pressure nozzle. Most zipper failures result from wear to the coating on the inside of the zipper slider (the metal toggle). Once that coating wears off, the metal abrades rapidly, and the zipper slider no longer joins the continuous plastic coils securely.

Tears and Other Damage:
Small holes and tears can be repaired in the field using a needle and thread, adhesive repair tape or liquid urethane (Mcnett™ Seam Grip). Field repairs do not void the tent's warranty.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light:
Ultraviolet light degrades lightweight tent fabric (and almost any synthetic material). UV light will cause the fabric to fade, lose strength and eventually disintegrate. The amount of UV damage is directly related to the fabric's exposure to the sun and the altitude at which the tent is pitched. If it is left pitched during the day, high-altitude exposure can damage a tent beyond use within a month. The best way to prolong the life of your tent is to keep it out of the sun. Pitch your tent in a shady spot whenever possible. By striking (taking your tent down) in the morning and pitching your tent late in the day, your tent will last many years.

At Home:
Storage: Store your tent in a cool, dry environment. Pack the tent loosely, and, if possible, leave the shock-corded poles completely or partially assembled. Never pack or store your tent if it is dirty and/or damp. If you do so, mildew can form and ruin the waterproof coating on your tent. Mildew will cause your tent to smell and can eventually delaminate and damage the polyurethane coating. This will cause your tent to leak. There is no cure for mildew damage. Prolonged moisture on the polyurethane coating (storing the tent wet for more than a few days) can cause hydrolysis. The coating becomes soft and sticks to itself, peeling from the fabric that will lead to leakage.

Cleaning Your Tent:
Never machine wash or machine dry your tent. For localized cleaning, use a sponge with warm water. When cleaning the entire tent, wash in a tub (bathtub) of cold water. Never use hot water, bleach, dishwashing liquid, pre-soaking solutions, or spot removers. If you use soap, always use a non-detergent soap. Dry your tent by pitching it in the shade or by line drying only. Never machine dry your tent.

Top Ten List of Tent Absolute Do's and Don'ts

  1. Above all else, keep open flames, matches, fuel sources and heat sources away from tent fabrics. Most tent fabrics are flame resistant but not fireproof. For that matter, use extreme caution when using fuel powered laterns or heaters inside the tent. Always err on the side of using battery operated devices when at all possible.
  2. Never leave a tent unattended without first staking and guying it up. Zip up your tent before leaving it unattended for prolonged periods of time, or if you have a canopy, break it down.
  3. Oxygen can become depleted in a tent, especially if your running a heater, or if the tent has been closed up for a long time. For your dog's and your own stake, make sure your tent has adequate ventilation. Even in cool or cold weather, keep a eindow or door open a crack to allow fresh air to circulate.
  4. Do not use harsh chemicals on tent fabrics. Avoid spraying insecticides, bug repellent, hair spray or aerosols anywhere near tent fabrics. These chemicals can burn through tent fabrics and degrade waterproofing.
  5. Avoid packing your tent when its wet. If you have to pack it wet, open it up and allow it to dry out throughly as soon as possible.
  6. Always guy up your tent on windy days.
  7. Never tie your dog to our tent. Place your dog in a exercise pen or crate instead.
  8. Store your tent in the off-season in a cool, dry place.
  9. Always leave your fly sheet on and periodically treat your tent with a U.V. protectant.
  10. Seal all seams with a seam sealant upon first use and once a season thereafter.

MMI Outdoor Warranty and Repair

What is our warranty policy? All merchandise manufactured by MMI Outdoor is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for first (12) months of the life of the product. During this warranty period, MMI Outdoor will repair or replace, at MMI Outdoor ' sole option, free of charge, any defective part returned with shipping charges prepaid to the Distribution center listed below. Please include the model number of the product, original date of purchase and the nature of the problem. Merchandise not returned prepaid will be refused. Waranty service will vary depending upon the availability of parts and the work load.

All implied warranties with respect to MMI Outdoor merchandise, including implied warranties of merchantability and implied warranties for fitness, are limited in duration for (12) months. Our warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, misuse, abnormal usage, faulty installation, improper maintenance or any repairs other than those made by MMI Outdoor. There are no obligations or liabilites on the part of MMI Outdoor for sonsequential damage arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product or other indirect damages with respect to loss of revenues or profit.

Some states do not allow either a limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation or incidental or consequential damages, so the above lilitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Further information regarding this warranty may be obtained without charge by contacting:  

MMI Outdoor Inc.
Attn: Warranty Info Request
6101 Brewbaker Blvd.
Montgomery, AL 36116-6116

Shipping and Handling

We offer free shipping to the continental United States via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail. Please contact MMI for information regarding expedited or international shipping. 

MMI Outdoor is not responsible for breakage or any other kind of damage sustained in transit even if the container does not show any signs of damage. MMI Outdoor containers have been designed in accordance with the specifications of public carriers.

Open cartons immediately upon arrival and inspect contents carefully. In case of breakage or damage, note it on the delivery ticket. Call the carrier's freight inspector and request that he examine the cartons and their contents. DO NOT refer any damage claims to MMI Outdoor.