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Individual Concealment System (ICS) 
Weight: 3 lbs. 6oz. // 1.54 kg
Packed Dimensions: 13” x 6” x 6”
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Individual Concealment System (ICS)



The Individual Concealment System (ICS) is the ultimate in hide site technology. It provides easy to use, field portable camouflage for an individual or two-man team. Multiple ICS kits can be mated together to camouflage large groups, vehicles, or structures. At the heart of the ICS are 2 variations of camouflage netting. The first net is the Level 1 Thermal Shroud (shown at left of page), a 5’ x 8’ net that offers mitigation of a thermal signature and the visual concealment advantage of Depsoc360™. The second net is the Lightweight Camo Net, a 5’ x 8’ visual-only camouflage net that weighs just a few ounces and can be easily compacted into a cargo pocket. This net also features Depsoc360™ camouflage. Both nets are double side printed and feature a physical 3-D effect with an abstract leaf cut pattern. In addition to the two nets, there are two shock-cordedpoles to add structure to a hide sight should the user require it. Six X3 Anchor Stakes allow for fastening the nets or poles to a wide variety of surfaces from earth to soft walls of urban structures. Altogether, the Individual Concealment System allows the user a high level of concealment from a wide variety of detection threats with a minimum of time, effort and weight. Contact us to get pricing at

Item #: 98900 - Brushland/Old Desert - Berry; 98907 - Brushland/Back Forty - Berry; 98906 - Brushland/Tundra - Berry 98909 - Custom Depsoc Combination - Berry; 98909F - Custom Depsoc Combination

  • Mitigates your thermal signature
  • Lightweight net included for visual camouflage
  • Packs down to 13” x 6” x 6” for easy storage


MMI Outdoor apparel uses an exclusive molecular tunneling dye placement process call Kinetic Colorization™. This process uses none of the water or toxic chemicals normally consumed in conventional textile coloring. The process leaves no toxic chemical residue to wash out and preserves the performance features of the garment. Since the color is permanently trapped below the fabric surface the garment can be washed in bleach or with other colors at no risk.

Depsoc360™ was born out of a need. While working with U.S. Military Snipers on a concealment design project, MMI Outdoor was asked to attempt to develop a truly range-effective camouflage. Snipers complained that the small-repeat patterns currently in use are ineffective at operating ranges. Enter Depsoc360™. MMI and industry partners started from the ground up to develop a pattern using large brush shapes, shadow effects, and digitally matched natural colors to create depth and break the human outline. Over the course of nearly three years, dozens of versions, consequent field trials in some of our military’s hottest theaters, and input from several elite military contacts, we have built what we - and they - believe to be the most effective family of camouflage ever fielded. The next evolution in camouflage technology is here.


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